The past month (though it’s technically not yet over) had taken me completely engrossed. Most of these matters are school-related, few last concerns about graduation, thesis, and clearance to name a few.

People frequently asked what are my plans after graduation, I want to answer them upfront and tell them that I haven’t planned in details but I am anticipating a hard push from the universe, and I am just hoping that I will get through all the necessary-getting-a-job-in-two-months bother. But I decided it’s too surly to use for their warm smiles, so I consoled their inquisitive being by sharing them my short-term scheme such as future interviews, exams, and the likes.

I really hope that they appreciate this limbo state where I am in as much as I do.

  April 30, 2013 at 04:00pm
  1. teesh-oh said: Enjoy mo muna yan, pag nagwork ka na, sobrang mababawasan time mo for other things.
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